5-a-Side Bumper Soccer Tournament


- Cup for the Winning Team
- Best Player Award
- Top Scorer Award

Only players who are 16 or over in year of competition will be allowed to participate.


  • Teams will consist of 5 players plus 1 reserve who can be used in any game
  • Entry fee is €120 for a panel of 6 players. Only 6 players may be used for the duration of the tournament
  • A player may only sign with one team
  • Teams must be at the venue at least 15 minutes before kick-off time
  • Teams will be provided with coloured bibs
  • Referees decision is final
  • Completed entry forms with correct entry fee can be handed to: (TBA)
  • Time or date of games will not be changed for anyone once fixtures are made
  • Draw takes place on (TBA)
  • Any team playing person(s) not on entry form will be automatically disqualified
  • Each team will be given a team country name and complete a waiver form on the first night

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