Stags / Groups

Bumper Soccer 4 Fun can offer groups an unforgettable experience. Below is a small list of the type of events we can cater for:

• Fundraiser (Schools, clubs, colleges… )

• Product Launches

• Marketing Campaign

• Event openings

• Team Building

• Corporate Events

• Hen Parties

• Stag Parties

• Festivals

• Parties

Everyone loves football but on a unique weekend like a stag or group event you really want to

do something a little bit different, a bit special and memorable. Bumper soccer meets that brief.

Drawing on the skills and knowledge of our team we can provide your group with a specialised tailored event with packages.

Bumper soccer is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. It is a swift moving, adrenaline fuelled activity. With your body cocooned inside the ball, you will find your balance compromised and with little to no rules, you and your teammates do whatever you can to get the ball in the back of your opponents net. Guarded by these large inflatable balls players bump, roll over and flip. Take part or perhaps watch as players stumble upon and knock each other over like human bumper cars. Play football with hilarious results that can be photographed and uploaded.

All events are monitored for an extra element of safety and quality control. Bumper Soccer 4 Fun takes the hassle out of organising your event. Leave it to us and we will ensure you have a fantastic time with your friends. Package is €25 per person. Get in touch with us today to talk about your event and how we can help you.