Welcome to Bumper Soccer for Fun

Bumper Soccer 4 Fun is Ireland’s newest soccer events company. Our qualified instructors ensure everything runs smoothly and are committed to creating a fun, safe playing environment for all players regardless of age or ability level. We have a number of mobile games based activity units designed to enhance the enjoyment of football in our communities:

• Bumper soccer / bubble football.

This is the latest craze to hit Ireland’s activity industry. It is a cross between regular soccer and bumper cars. Just like soccer it is a team based game. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. Or is it !?! Players are protected by a transparent inflatable ball that you slide into so it fits above your knees and above your head. Each ball comes with a fitted belt and handles. You are completely safe and impact is not felt inside the ball. This is a sport that you can have as much fun watching as you will playing. It is suitable for males and females.

• Inflatable soccer pitch.

This arena allows further enjoyment when participating in popular activities.

• Inflatable speed cage and radar

The speed cage is a shooting area where the radar measures the power of your strike.


We are based in Kerry and have a selection of venues that are suitable. We also cater for events at your home or a venue of your own choice. Games can be played on grass, astro turf or in an indoor hall.

So why not let Bumper Soccer 4 Fun provide your family and friends with a new experience. Great games for adults to play with children. If you have an event for example Communion, Confirmation, Birthday party we can provide you with a package to suit all ages and budgets. Our kids packages are a massive success and available at €15 per child. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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