Clubs and organisations

Bumper Soccer 4 Fun have mobile games based activity units designed to enhance the promotion of soccer and football in our

clubs and communities.

They are suitable for:

• Open days

• Family fun days

• Team building activities

• Kids camps

• Fundraisers

• Sports training (great for physical training)

• Half time entertainment

The novel football equipment ensures that each participant’s experience (regardless of age, gender or ability) is fun, enjoyable and leaves a lasting memory of your club event. Our bumper balls offer children and adults a fun alternative to regular football. The inflatable pitch is designed to play games in a truly unique environment while promoting football skills. The inflatable goals and target shoot add an element of fun to scoring. The radar encourages players to strike the ball.

We hope that clubs and organisations will get the chance to experience Bumper Soccer 4 Fun. No doubt it will make an impact. It helps clubs to raise the profile of football and compliment the fantastic coaching and games development activities currently ongoing throughout the country. It may help raise the awareness of the important roles that clubs play in our local communities. By highlighting the fun aspect of sport it could lead to greater levels of interest. We can help with your clubs aim to get more children/adults playing games more of the time. We promote fair play, the development of self-esteem, build social cohesion and enhance health and well-being.

Every year in Ireland millions of euro are raised through the medium of fundraising. Bumper Soccer 4 Fun can offer you an original means of fundraising that is both creative and entertaining. We can help you to raise the necessary funds for your club or organisation.

We can work alongside you bringing these new activity to your event. We have full insurance and our professionally trained team will ensure you have a great day. Get in contact with us today for more details.