Active Schools

The Department of Education and skills wishes to recognise schools just like Dromina N.S. that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. Schools are awarded the active school flag if they:
* follow Department of Education guidelines
* teach a broad and balanced P.E. curriculum
* inform and invite the community to participate in the initiative
* self evaluate
* plan and implement improvements
* organise annual ‘Active School Week’
‘Bumper Soccer 4 Fun’ visited Dromina N.S. as part of their ‘Active School Week’. We could see the hard work they have done this year to implement changes that have real and tangible benefits for their pupils. They can fly their ‘Active School Flag’ with pride.

Bumper soccer, bubble football

On the 18th of May Bumper Soccer 4 Fun launched in Killarney at the Celtic fun day.

This is one of the latest craze to hit Kerry’s activity industry. Bumper soccer also known as bubble soccer is a cross between regular soccer and bumper cars. Just like soccer it is a team based game. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. Or is it !?Protected by a transparent inflatable ball that you  slide into you are completely safe and impact is not felt. It is suitable for males, females and mixed teams. The adults and children at the fun day had as much fun watching as they did playing.

The committee and local people worked hard. There was plenty of games played throughout the day and lots of refreshments were available. Killarney Celtic’s fun day was a truely great way to spend the day.